Building the missing credit system.

Mymo is the new way to give and receive loans. Our product gives borrowers the platform to build a reputation of credit-worthiness and lenders the network to find credit-worthy individuals.

What We Offer

Instant Loans

As a verified and right-standing member, you are immediately eligible for a minimum instant loan of 2500 XAF ($5) anytime. Your maximum loan amount (loan limit) would change as your grow your reputation on Mymo.

P2P Lending

Skip the middle men, lend to and borrow from your friends in a more organized and profitable way. With Mymo, you know who took what, when, and understand their credibility better. We show you the data, decide.

Scoring API

Our scoring API provides authorized institutions and businesses with data important in making key decisions about customer ability and eligibility for things like installment-buying or external loans provided by such businesses.

How It Works


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Submit documents, get verified.


Receive & grant loans!


Build credibility


Raise your score take bolder steps!

Mymo Foundation

Mymo is designed for precision, intelligence, speed and accuracy. Here are the building blocks!

AI/ML Based Decisions

As we learn and collect the information we need, we continually test & tweak our AI-based algorithms for optimal decision making and excellent member classification.

Member-centric Design

Our members are the inspiration from which me design Mymo. We have worked hard to make the platform relays top-notch user experience to our members. Our member care program is attentive to member needs and ensures that we provide user support in a timely fashion.

Due Diligence

Our smart-audit an verification process is robust. We have spent a lot time and put a lot of thought in designing our due-diligence subsystems in a way that ensures our members are traceable, compliant with the law, trust-worthy and have true identities.


We keep working with compliance experts to ensure that we meet up with standards and continue to deliver the best possible service to our members.