About Us

Our inspiration!

We realized how hard it is for Cameroonians to access credit. We looked in the problem and figured out one of the major reasons for this challenge is the lack of a "trust system". Business that can provide loans do not have sufficient and reliable information to help them process credit requests. That's why we built Mymo. We are building the missing trust system and creating the infrastructure that would allow everyday Cameroonians to access small personal loans via Mymo loans and other businesses that are extending their credit sytems using our technology.

Our ambitions

Our ambitions include:

  • Increase credit accesibility for everyday Cameroonians and drive economic growth.
  • Provide businesses with the infrastructure that they need to extend their credit offerings and minize risk.
  • Develop a reliable open-trust network for peer2peer lending and as a result create more economic activities in the lending sector.

Lend With Us Section

Make decisions yourself or let us make them for you!

We offer a loan management software suite as a service, that comes with all the predictability to tools that micro finance institutions and businesses may need. We also offer the option for lending services to sponsor loans on our platform as lending partners! Send us an email to mymo@whilesmart.com to talk with one of our experts and see what's possible!.